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How Can We Help You Grow?

Has your company created the next new beverage or snack that's going to take the nation by storm? Can't wait to share your latest CPG product with a whole market of curious customers?

No matter how delicious and refreshing your creation is, it won't get the attention it deserves without a “go to market strategy”.

As a CPG marketing consulting team, we advise you on strategic marketing techniques to get your brand scaled and into the consumer's hands. This way, you can focus on creating society's next tasty staple.

SEI has over 70 years of experience within the management group of helping products get to the shelf. We are ready to drive your product. We assist with all stages of the process, including planning, budgeting, design, consulting, marketing, manufacturing, and distribution - from acting as an extension of your sales team to operating as your executive team, we make sure you hit your goals.


With years of experience under its belt, our team can serve new and existing items alike. We assist with any product development phase for your CPG product, from planning to distribution. After discussing your company's status and goals, we plan out go-to-market strategies to compete in the ever changing beverage market.

Marketing & Design

As we are very active with all phases of the development, we advise on new marketing and design tactics - we run the whole gamut, from product labels to packaging to shippers and additional merchandising elements. We also assist with the consumer message and advise and manage the branding process - from your core brand message to all of your communication vehicles. Leave the intricacies of marketing and design to us, so you can get back to what you do best: making great products.


Efficient manufacturing is essential for all CPG companies. But without a solid plan, your bottom line may suffer. We use many formats, designers, and data to advise and direct our partners through the manufacturing process. Our goal is to maximize efficiencies, reduce COGs, and enhance your profit. Strategy & Execution Inc. ensures that your product is production-ready.


Even with the best product and marketing, the development of the appropriate distribution network is essential in getting your product into consumers' hands. Whether your brand is well-established or just starting, we'll help you position your products correctly on the shelf, while maximizing your margins. We help you accelerate your brand!

Bryon Evans

CPG executive specializing in building go to market strategies and all fundamentals through product launch to the shelf.

Pete Popovich
President - Sales

CPG executive specializing in building go-to-market strategies, distribution solutions and customer relations that deliver results.

In addition to our core team, we have National coverage through: Directors of Sales, Business Development Managers, Manufacturing Support, Nutritional Experts and Vendor - Broker partners ready to take your product to the next level.

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