You have a great-tasting product. You even have a solid marketing strategy and a streamlined manufacturing process. Now, you have to get your products on the shelves. This is perhaps one of the most challenging parts for companies. Distributors are hard to get ahold of, leaving you wondering how you are going to get your new product on the market.
The good news is that, even though it's tricky, we can build the right distribution system for you. All you need is a little guidance. Here at Strategy & Execution Inc., we're just the help you've been looking for! We will ensure that you land important meetings with top distributors in the CPG industry, and we will prepare you to wow them with your pitch. Contact us to get started - we'll take it from there and help you get the distribution you're looking for, whether DSD, broadline, hybrid or direct.

Local, National, and Global Beverage Distribution

As a new beverage company or alcoholic beverage wholesaler, you have to decide where and how you want to sell your products.

Startups tend to lean towards distribution in local convenience stores and restaurants. They find it beneficial to start building their reputation in their communities. Then, they can use this growth to expand even further.

More established beverage companies, on the other hand, may want to operate on a larger scale. They typically aim for regional, national, or even global distribution. This strategy allows them to reach a greater, more diverse audience.

Whether you want to sell to a local, regional, national, or global market, Strategy & Execution Inc. is here to help! We will connect you with our network of distributors and schedule meetings. After a successful pitch, your product will be on shelves in no time.

Unsure of which distribution approach is best for you? Our team uses its years of experience to provide you with expert guidance. We use our vast experience to determine which approach:

  • Makes most sense for your brand
  • Is the most profitable
  • Will reach your ideal target audience
  • Is efficient
With the help of our professionals, you'll discover the distribution approach that will work the best for your business.

Customized CPG Distribution Solutions

Every company has a unique product and audience to sell to. This means that your product will have better sales in certain venues than in others.

At Strategy & Execution, we'll help you get you into the ideal retailers, whether you produce craft beer, chocolate, soda, chips, or any other food or drink product.

For instance, smaller brands tend to focus on local restaurants. They often find success when promoting their CPG product as one that's "on the rise." Similarly, smaller brands that sell spirits, wine, beer, or other alcoholic drinks want to have a presence in local bars. At Strategy & Execution, we can connect you with the top wholesale food and beverage suppliers.

Many brands we work with also find success through vending machines and convenience stores. These locations are great distribution solutions as loads of people pass by and use them on-the-go every day. Your product will get plenty of exposure and provide customers with a more diverse selection.

Additionally, Strategy & Execution Inc. offers online retailer solutions. This allows you to reach a more diverse audience and ship your product regionally and even nationally or globally.

CPG Distribution Pitch Preparation

Landing meetings with distributors is no easy task. Thanks to Strategy & Execution, Inc., you'll be in touch with some of the top suppliers in the CPG industry.

But, landing a meeting is only half the battle. You must convince the distributor that not only your product will sell but that you are capable of managing the sales process.

Many CPG product companies make the mistake of having unprepared pitches. Even when they do land meetings, they aren't able to convince distributors that they are worth working with.

At Strategy & Execution Inc., we recognize how important it is to have a polished, well-planned pitch. This is why we take the time to prepare you for your distribution meetings.

Some key components of your pitch we cover include:

Marketing Plan Execution

For the most part, distributors prefer working with well-established brands. This is largely because they know how the CPG industry works, preventing them from wasting time, money, and resources.

Strategy & Execution Inc. will ensure that you have all the information about your marketing plan to make an effective pitch. You'll be able to prove to distributors that you have what it takes to manage the food or beverage distribution process. They'll recognize that you won't cause cash-flow problems and be more willing to take you on.

Compliance with FDA Regulations

Depending on where you sell your new product, you'll have to comply with local and federal laws.

If you're selling in the United States, for instance, you must adhere to FDA regulations. Distributors want to see that your product is compliant so they don't have to worry about legalities. Strategy & Execution Inc. helps ensures brands adhere to all local and federal regulations.

Compliance with Other Regulations

Not all products are governed in the same way. We help you sort out he legal ramifications in distributing your product.

Understanding of CPG Distribution Contracts

Before you sign your contract, we make sure you are clear on terms such as:

  • Whether or not the distributor assists with promotional/marketing efforts
  • Other competitive brands the distributor supplies that may affect your brand
  • How the distributor handles proprietary rights
  • Billbacks
  • Damage control
When we help you understand the dynamics of your contract, you can rest knowing you're getting the best deal.

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As a food or beverage startup, you don't want to run around trying to land meetings with distributors. It is a difficult, frustrating process. And, it leaves you with less time to improve your brand.

Let Strategy & Execution Inc. take distribution off your plate. We'll connect you with some of the industry's top wholesale distributors. Through our advice, you'll be more than prepared for each meeting. You'll have an advantage with distributors to get your products on the market!

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