Looking to start selling your bottled water, coffee, beer, cookie, or other CPG product to eager consumers? Our CPG product sales team at Strategy & Execution Inc. can help. Whether you want to sell online or in stores (or both), we have the resources and knowledge you need.
We use an integrated approach when it comes to getting your product on the market. With our years of experience in the CPG industry, we have built up an impressive network. Our team is dedicated to improving your company's revenue. Learn more about how we implement our expertise to meet your CPG sales goals.

Sales Development

There is an inherent chasm between marketing and sales. Most commonly, marketing ceases too early and the process of selling items begins too late. To bridge this gap, we offer development services so your business can successfully compete in the food and beverage market.

Without a solid development program, your company may experience:

  • Higher customer acquisition costs
  • Failing marketing efforts
  • Unpredictable revenue growth
  • Longer transaction cycles
To avoid these negative outcomes, learn more about how we help brands in the CPG industry succeed and stand out, particularly in markets with lots of players and a seemingly hard to differentiate field.

Strategy & Planning

Which product categories are most popular among your target audience? Do they like organic health drinks, gluten-free cookies, bottled water, or will they be more likely to buy a product that promises to boost their mood? Is your food or beverage product meeting your customers' needs?

Your company needs a strategic plan so that it can:

  • Organize the tactics and resources it needs to meet its new goals
  • Predict ROI and returns
  • Have a go-to market strategy to reference
Every strategic plan needs to be backed up by strong data. Our services don't end when we establish a plan for your company. Because this kind of planning is on-going, we'll help you learn how to manage it going forward.

Sales & Presentations

To get a retailer to sell your product, you'll need a solid sales pitch. Even if your product is popular with your current customers, a retailer won't be so easily convinced.

Our team is ready to help you devise the perfect pitch. We'll ensure that you have all of the information you need to impress a retailer, like an understanding of your margins and a sell sheet. To make your presentation convincing, we'll also help you understand your competitive advantages and how to convey these to a retailer.

To get started on a new pitch for your food or beverage product, get in touch with one of our strategists today.

Forecasting & Reporting

Forecasting and reporting are essential tasks for beverage brands. Forecasts allow you to spot any potential issues with the number of transactions your company is making. If we find that your business is not meeting its quota, we can mitigate these issues by catching them early.

Forecasts can also play a role when it comes to making decisions that affect beverage companies as wholes. For example, managing resources and hiring staff can all be informed by a solid forecast.

Our experts at Strategy & Execution Inc. will track internal and external changes that can impact your forecast. We'll also ensure that your forecasts are accurately relayed and reported. This way, your business can stay on top of market changes and prevail as an industry leader.

Customer Retention

One of the worst feelings is learning that a once-loyal customer has taken their business to another company. Retaining current customers is almost as important (if not more) than gaining new ones.

As a player in the CPG industry, you naturally have a lot of competitors. You need to avoid losing customers to these competitors.

Our team tracks consumer behavior and plans out how to best retain your current customers. This way, we can inform you of your customers' patterns and how to get them to stick around and avoid looking for other brands.

We have vast experience in the global food and beverage industry. We'll offer you a comprehensive insight into your consumers so that you can retain their valuable business.

Account Management

Account management is an important factor that all brands need to focus on. It's especially relevant in the food and beverage industry, as you are likely to have a lot of repeat clients.

An account manager's primary responsibility is to manage transactions and relationships with customers. They should educate themselves on your customers' demands and plan out how to best meet them. Ideally, they should generate more business for your company.

Our company can help you find a reliable account manager in your particular. This person (or team) will be the face of your company. It's important that they are personable and ready to help your clients in any way they can.

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