To be a successful food or beverage company, you need to keep track of all your logistics. This involves the active coordination of activities like sourcing ingredients and scaling up your business.
Managing your food or beverage company's logistics can become quite complex. Instead of handling it all on your own, work with the experts at Strategy & Execution Inc. We have years of experience in handling the logistics of CPG companies, including order tracking, transportation, and other solutions.

Sourcing & Procurement

Your food or beverage company's supply chain is the process it follows to produce and distribute its product. One of the most important phases of the supply chain is the sourcing and procurement phase.

This phase involves gathering all of the supplies your company needs in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Every business will have different sourcing needs.

Here at Strategy & Execution Inc., we will get all of the supplies your company needs. We also believe in cost-efficient procurement solutions. All the while, we'll help you access high-quality ingredients so that you can best serve your customers.

Scaling Up Your Business

Some food or beverage companies may eventually find themselves losing business opportunities or having trouble keeping up with demand. In any case, it may be time to scale up your food or beverage business.

Our services help you scale your business strategically. Our team will plan out practical steps you can take, like:

  • Ensuring you have the funds to scale
  • Investing in advanced technology
  • Recruiting more staff members
Scaling your business in the CPG industry will involve various changes. Your company's accounting operations, physical location, and internal processes may all need to be altered in some way.

These large-scale changes can be intimidating to take on alone. Our staff at Strategy & Execution will simplify the transition so that your company can experience long-term success.


Once you have a large inventory of products waiting to be shipped out, you need a safe place to store them. Even small companies need a method of keeping track of their stock. Without proper warehousing logistics in place, your supply chain will fall apart. All of your products need to be accounted for. They should be kept safe from damage, loss, and theft.

When warehousing is prioritized in its supply chain, a food and beverage company can more easily deliver its products on time. This will lead to greater customer satisfaction and improved productivity. The transportation side of your operation will also be improved.

Contact us today to learn more about how effective warehouse management can improve your supply chain in the food and beverage industry.

Contract Production/Redundency

Contract production is an important component of beverage logistics. It means that you can produce your product, its packaging, and its labels all in different places.

Some food and beverage companies choose to use contract production services when they first open. Others turn to it when trying to scale their businesses. Either way, it can be incredibly beneficial to a company's profit margins. Additionally, having multiple make pionts reduces your risks.

However, you should approach the use of contract production in the CPG industry appropriately. The production of some components should be outsourced, while others can be done in the same place. When done right, contract production can:

  • Make it easier to scale your product in the future
  • Contribute to your company's innovation and flexibility
  • Offer better technical insight
  • Save on costs and maximize profits

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Managing food and beverage logistics may not be the most exciting part of running your company. However, tracking your inventory, freight, production methods and transportation is crucial if you want to provide premier customer service.

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